SAPE Company has a Policy for making the 3D-Model and Workshop drawings as described below.

3D-Modelling and Workshop Drawings

step of dividing the main project into phases. This phases will be approved by the customer. After checking the collisions of the BIM model, The Modelling of the Structure according to the EN standards and/or AISC will be finished.
Afterwards is time to take out the Workshop drawings. We will make the Drawings with the best quality as our customer need to have.

All the weld seams will be modelled all the details will be a reference of the completed model. You can manufacture easy and fast.

Nesting Files

Nesting files will be accepted upon our clients required. All the parts will have dwg drawings in scale 1:1. We make all parts drawings with dimensioning separately. A list of parts will be delivered for each phase as a package.

With these files, you will be so fast in prefabricating and manufacturing in your company.

Sequence of Montage

The sequence of montage the structures will be provided upon customer request. in this step one report will be provided that indicated which assembly should be assembled after which assembly and make the hourly tracking of the montage. In this case, the project site manager could be able to organize the equipment and percentage of the project completion according to this file.

Montage Drawings

Montage drawings will be prepared by SAPE as per as best quality that seen in the world upon the Project standards. In these Drawings, all the standards will be followed and these drawings not only useful to make the montage but also to use for Quality protocols. they are so clear for each scope. For example, In these Drawings Torque measures, Execution types and amount of the bolts will exist.