SAPE Company has a Policy for making the 3D-Model and Workshop drawings as described below.

3D-Modelling and Workshop Drawings

We will start by diving the the main project into phases. Theses stages will be approved and modified by the client. After inspecting the collisions of the BIM model, the Modelling of the Structure according to the EN standards and/or AISC will be accomplished.
This step will be followed by the Workshop drawings, where we assure the customer top quality work.

Nesting Files

Nesting files will be accepted upon our clients request. All the parts will have DWG drawings in scale 1:1, where separately drawings with the dimension of the elements will be also provided. Therefore, a list with the components will be delivered as a package for each phase.

Sequence of Montage

The sequence of montaging the structures will be provided upon customer request. For this step, one report will be provided which will indicate how the assembly should be placed. Thus, the hourly tracking of the montage will be much more efficient and the project site manager will be able to organize the equipment and analyse the project progress.

Montage Drawings

Montage drawings will be performed by SAPE Corporation where we guarantee world class quality work. As a responsible corporation, we assure that all the safety and mandatory standards will be honored. With the finalization of these drawings not only the montage will be easier to supervise but also the Quality protocols.